Xavier besson Givry 1er cru petit pretan 2021


The Xavier Besson Givry 1er Cru Petit Pretans 2021 is a distinguished wine, originating from a small 0.60-hectare plot with vines averaging 30 years of age. This premier cru rouge is notable for its location at the start of a slope, where the soil is rich in iron oxide and characterized by its clay-limestone composition and stoniness. This terroir contributes to the wine's signature profile, which is well-structured, featuring tight and deep tannins and a consistent presence of beautiful fruit. In terms of its aroma and taste profile, this wine presents a rustic charm with aromas of blackberry, dark cherry, and tart cranberry. Its elegance unfolds with a fragrance of sour cherry, rose, and wild thyme, subtly accented by black peppercorn. The finish of the wine is notable for its persistence, characterized by bright red fruit and a delicate hint of farmyard air. Additionally, the Givry Premier Cru 'Le Petit Prétan' is known for its expression of fresh, salivating red fruits that contribute to its length in the mouth, further complemented by its well-structured tannins. This blend of traditional winemaking, unique terroir, and favorable critical reception makes the Xavier Besson Givry 1er Cru Petit Pretans 2021 a notable choice for those appreciating a wine with deep roots in its regional heritage and distinct character.