Discover Aivalis Winery

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The vineyards are located in AG.SOTIRA, VARGES, KALYVIA, TRAGANES and MONOPATI Nemea and are under integrated management culture. Today, in addition to the variety Agiorgitiko, there are in them and plantings of wheat and tanned.

A characteristic feature of this family business (all the work is done by Christos Aivali and family members) is love for manual work, especially on the vineyard, since it is estimated that wine is the result of handicraft, abstaining from "extreme" technologies. They are chosen as follows: low yields (no plots exceed 700 kg yield per acre), fermentation with native fungi, separate harvesting for each vineyard and corresponding winemaking. All of this is aimed at producing high-quality products. This is also the reason for the appropriate investment in building and technological equipment, which is entirely self-financing. The Aivali Winery can be visited by offering wine sales, tastings and barbecue nights.