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Anhydrous Winery is a Greek winery run by Apostolos Mountrichas. The history of the winery begins in the early 2000s when Apostolos Mountrichas, the winemaker for Avantis Estate, fell in love with the Santorini region and the distinct personality of the Assyrtiko grape. He initiated his Santorini project in 2012, which eventually culminated in the founding of Anhydrous Winery in 2021.

The winery is located in the Exo Gonia village of Santorini, while the visiting area, referred to as the Anhydrous Cellar Door, is situated in Fira within a 10-minute walk. The winery operates from April through October, offering guided tours, tastings, lunch in the restaurant, and cooking lessons.

Anhydrous Winery is a multi-purpose venue dedicated to wine. It provides a unique gastronomic experience with a restaurant menu designed to pair with Anhydrous wines, inspired by the local culinary tradition of Santorini. The menu is curated by the famous award-winning Greek Chef Giannis Baxevanis, adding a touch of Greek gastronomic heritage​. The winery also offers skincare treatments with products made from grapes​.

The philosophy of the winery is closely tied to the Santorini's volcanic microclimate, which influences the wines' typicity. The winery aims to express the purity of the fruit, the strict structure, and the varietal characteristics of their wines. It uses ancient wine-making techniques to produce modern wines that reflect the connection to the Santorinian anhydrous land, the earth, the volcano, the sun, the sea breeze, and the Cycladic air.

The winery works with a variety of grapes including Assyrtiko, which produces volcanic wines with high acidity, purity, minerality, and a rich character with long ageing potential. Other indigenous grapes used include Athiri, Aidani, Mandilaria, and Mavrotragano​.

The logo of the winery symbolically depicts the Santorinian vineyard and the elements of nature that determine the quality of wines: Volcano, Sun, Air, Water, Earth, Ash, and Salt.

Anhydrous Winery also provides a unique interactive model of wine tasting that allows wine lovers to explore Santorinian wine in depth. This guided tour and tasting experience is part of the famous Greek hospitality that Anhydrous Winery is known for.


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