Xanadu Estate chardonnay 2018


The 2018 Xanadu Estate Chardonnay from Margaret River, Western Australia, has received considerable acclaim from various wine critics and reviewers. James Suckling awarded this wine an impressive 94 points, highlighting its excellent intensity and length. The wine's flavor profile is described as having notes of green pineapple, stone fruit, steel, and cedar wood, which combine to create a complex and intense experience. The finish is noted for its piercing quality, bringing a distinct and memorable flavor. Natalie MacLean's review of the Xanadu Exmoor Chardonnay 2018, another variant from the same winery, offers insights into the quality of Chardonnay produced by Xanadu. The wine is described as buttery and complex, a typical characteristic of high-quality Chardonnay wines. This rating further underscores the high standards of Chardonnay production at Xanadu, with the DJL variant also originating from the Margaret River region. In summary, the 2018 Xanadu Estate Chardonnay is a highly-regarded wine, praised for its complex flavor profile, intensity, and overall quality. The consistent high ratings across different variants of Xanadu's Chardonnay wines reflect the winery's commitment to producing exceptional wines in the Margaret River region.