Xanadu Circa 77 chardonnay 2020


The 2020 Xanadu Circa 77 Chardonnay from Margaret River, Western Australia, has received notable reviews and ratings from various wine experts and platforms. While specific details for the 2020 vintage are somewhat limited, the available information provides a good overview of its reception and quality. The wine offers white fleshed stone fruits and zesty citrus flavors with a delicate creamy texture derived from lees stirring. The wine is noted for being bright, refreshing, and crisp, with a dry and lingering fruit finish. In summary, the 2020 Xanadu Circa 77 Chardonnay is a well-regarded wine, known for its medium-bodied profile with flavors of stone fruits and citrus, and a creamy texture. Its high ratings across various platforms, combined with its popularity among wine enthusiasts, suggest it's a quality choice for those seeking a distinctive and enjoyable Chardonnay from the Margaret River region.