Von der leyen Riesling 2021


The 2021 Von Der Leyen Riesling is a white wine produced in the Nahe region of Germany. This wine pays tribute to Von der Leyen, who was the Elector (Kurfürst) and Bishop of Trier from 1652 to 1676. The vineyards in this region, encompassing approximately 4,000 hectares (around 10,000 acres), are spread across seven Grosslagen (wine districts). The wine has garnered a 3.8 rating based on 35 reviews on Vivino, indicating a favorable reception among wine enthusiasts. The Von Der Leyen Riesling is described as a "trocken" (dry) Riesling, suggesting a style that is crisp and without residual sugar, which is typical for many modern Rieslings from Germany. The wine is noted for its lithe and crisp character, with punchy fruit flavors and a distinct minerality, characteristics that are emblematic of the Nahe Valley's winemaking tradition. Tasting notes for the 2021 vintage describe it as having a subtle nose with great wild-flower and herb aromas. This Riesling is said to be extraordinarily concentrated and refined, particularly for a village-wine category. Despite its juiciness on the mid-palate, the wine is only just beginning to open up, indicating that it may have more complexity to reveal over time. Overall, the 2021 Von Der Leyen Riesling appears to be a well-regarded example of a dry Riesling from the Nahe region, reflecting the area's rich winemaking heritage and the distinctive characteristics of the Riesling grape.