Villafane Malbec reserva 2021


The Don Manuel Villafañe Reserva Malbec 2021 is a distinguished red wine from the Lujan de Cuyo region in Mendoza, Argentina. A notable aspect of this wine is its oaky characteristics of vanilla notes, adding depth and complexity to its flavor profile. The grapes for this wine are harvested by hand in the early dawn and transported in 16kg crates to ensure they arrive at the winery in optimal condition. This careful process contributes to the wine's quality. The wine is produced entirely from Malbec grapes, grown in vineyards located at 975 meters above sea level at the base of the Andes mountains at Finca Pedriel, Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza. This high-altitude location is significant as it imparts unique qualities to the grapes and, consequently, the wine. In terms of taste, the Reserva Malbec is described as powerful in the mouth, indicative of its robust and full-bodied nature. The blend of Malbec, along with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cab Franc, opens with rustic, untamed earth, and leather aromas. However, on the palate, it transforms into a more balanced and tame profile with ripe, rich depth. The wine offers flavors of blackberry, chocolate, and toast, finishing with simmering heat and a chunky weight, making it a complex and engaging wine to savor.