Val de salis Viognier 2021


The Val de Salis Viognier 2021 is a white wine from the Pays d'Oc region in France, specifically crafted from the Viognier grape variety. The wine is described as having a pleasant aroma with notes of tree fruit, particularly peach and pear. Additionally, the Val de Salis Viognier has been characterized as succulent and plump, with rich peach fruits balanced by a dash of citrus. This profile suggests a wine that is both rich in texture and has a refreshing acidity, making it suitable for enjoying on its own or pairing with dishes like chicken and pork. For those seeking a Viognier with a fresh and fragrant profile, the Domaine Les Salices Viognier 2021, also from the Languedoc region, is noted for its white floral, rose petal, ripe stone fruit, nutty, and ginger spice aromas and flavors. It's described as bright and zesty on the palate, offering a similar but distinct experience compared to the Val de Salis ViognierIn conclusion, the Val de Salis Viognier 2021 seems to be a well-received wine, praised for its fruit-forward characteristics and balanced texture. Its profile makes it an appealing choice for those who enjoy white wines with a combination of rich fruitiness and refreshing acidity.