Strofilia Crossroads agiorgitiko/syra 2019


Strofilia Crossroads Agiorgitiko/Syrah 2019 is a dry red wine from PGI Peloponnese, blending Agiorgitiko and Syrah grapes. Vinification includes co-fermentation with pre-fermentation cold extraction, followed by fermentation at max 25° C, and maturation for 10 months in French oak barrels. It features a bright purple color, aromas of ripe red fruits, eucalyptus, vanilla, and dark chocolate, and a rich, complex mouthfeel with soft tannins and a long aftertaste. Ideal with red meats, red sauce dishes, aubergines imam, cheese dishes, and cold cuts. Vineyard located in Asprokampos at 800 m altitude, with harvest in late September.