Schild estate Merlot 2017


The Schild Estate Merlot 2017 from the Barossa Valley presents a complex profile. It exhibits a slightly synthetic and bitter taste, leading with primary red fruits like cherries and strawberries. Accompanying these fruit flavors are potpourri and chocolatey oak-derived notes. The palate can be somewhat sour, with spiced wood nuances adding structure and an herbal finish. In terms of appearance, the wine is a dark bright ruby color. Its aroma is inviting and almost silky, marked by prominent fruit aromas of plum, dark cherry, and raspberry. These fruit scents are enhanced by more subtle glimpses of vanilla bean and clove, along with nutmeg spice, contributing to its aromatic complexity. The wine is noted for its oaky notes, particularly chocolate. This aspect contributes to its overall flavor profile, adding depth and richness to the wine. Additionally, it has been described as a seriously rich and impressively velvety Merlot, highlighting the quality and reputation of Schild Estate in producing fine wines from the Barossa Valley. This wine has achieved recognition with awards such as Gold and Grand Gold, indicating its high esteem and quality in the wine community.