Schild estate Grenache/mourv/shiraz 2016


The Schild Estate Grenache Mourvèdre Shiraz 2016 is a rich and complex blend from Barossa Valley, South Australia. This wine is composed of 55% Grenache, 30% Mourvèdre, and 15% Shiraz. The dominant Grenache lends the blend a bright profile, characterized by bouncy blueberries and plums, accented with white pepper, game, and floral notes, creating a vibrant and lively tasting experience. The wine is extra dry, with an alcohol content of 14.5%. The recommended drinking window for this vintage is between 2019 and 2022, ensuring optimal enjoyment of its flavors and aroma. In terms of its sensory profile, the wine offers a first impression of chocolate-covered cherry set against an earthy core, suggesting a layered and sophisticated palate. The acidity in the wine is pronounced, enhancing the flavors of ripe cherry and plum, and is elegantly complemented by a sprinkling of white pepper. The tannins are described as easygoing but present, contributing to the wine's exceptional structure and frame. Additionally, it is characterized as a dense, chewy wine, making it a particularly appealing choice for lovers of big red wines. The nose boasts a wealth of aromas including cranberry, raspberry, oatmeal, cumin, dried herbs, black olive, and dried rose petal. On the palate, it is rich in feel, with sinewy, mouth-filling tannins that work well with the currant flavors.