Schild estate Edgar schild rsve grenache 2016


The Schild Estate Edgar Schild Reserve Grenache 2016 presents a rich and intricate profile, characteristic of a high-quality Grenache. It's described as a dark ruby in color, clear and bright, with perfumed aromas that include both red and dark fruits. These aromas are complemented by subtle hints of nut loaf, cardamom, and oak spice, adding a secondary layer of interest. This wine also displays lifted aromas of mulberries, dark cherries, and pulped raspberry flesh, supported by brief glimpses of river stone and earthy spice. The sense of fineness and control in its composition hints at the age and quality of the fruit. Moreover, this Grenache is characterized as dense and chewy, making it an excellent choice for lovers of big red wines. The nose boasts a wealth of aromas, including cranberry, raspberry, oatmeal, cumin, dried herbs, black olive, and dried rose petal. On the palate, it is rich, with sinewy, mouth-filling tannins that work alongside a currant flavor and tangy acidity. It's recommended to be enjoyed through 2029, indicating its potential for aging gracefully. Overall, the Schild Estate Edgar Schild Reserve Grenache 2016 is a testament to the winemaking prowess of the Barossa Valley, offering a complex and deeply satisfying wine experience.