Richard bocking Ungsberg riesling 2016


The 2016 Richard Bocking Ungsberg Riesling is a notable wine from the Mosel region in Germany. This particular Riesling, known for its "Trocken" (dry) style, is available at various online wine stores, indicating its broad distribution and appeal. The grapes for this wine are sourced from sustainably farmed vineyards located in the Ungsberg area, which is recognized for the steep slopes that rise high above the Mosel River. This unique terrain, combined with the presence of healing herbs grown in the vineyard since the Roman-Celtic era, imparts distinct herbal and spicy notes to the wine. The soil composition in this region includes blue and brown slate and quartz, and the age of the vines ranges from 40 to 60 years old, contributing to the complexity and depth of the wine. Richard Bocking's approach to winemaking is characterized by the cultivation of distinctive Grand Cru, steep slope vineyards. The estate manages about 15 acres under cultivation, primarily planted with Riesling grapes, which account for 95% of the plantings, and a smaller portion of Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir). Of the five vineyards managed by Richard Böcking—Ungsberg, Burgberg, Schlossberg, Huenerberg, and Taubenhaus—four are classified as Grand Cru, highlighting the premium quality of the vineyards from which this Riesling is produced. Overall, the 2016 Richard Bocking Ungsberg Riesling reflects the rich winemaking tradition of the Mosel region and the unique qualities of its terroir, making it a noteworthy choice for lovers of German Rieslings.