Richard bocking Schlossberg riesling mosel 2018


The Richard Bocking Schlossberg Alte Reben Riesling comes from one of the esteemed vineyards located in the Mosel region. The vineyard is situated on a southwest-facing slope adjacent to the Burgberg and overlooking the Schottbach side valley. This particular area is known for its fine and fragile gray and blue slate soil. This terroir, combined with the vineyard's history—where Riesling vines have been cultivated since the 17th Century—contributes to the distinct character of the wine. The age of the vines ranges from 40 to 60 years, adding depth and complexity to the wine. In terms of winemaking, the Richard Bocking Schlossberg Riesling employs natural yeast for fermentation, with no added cultures. This process is carried out slowly at cold temperatures to achieve the perfect balance of acidity and fruit. Post-fermentation, the wine is aged sur lies for 10 months and then in 100% German oak barriques. This particular batch was bottled on July 29, 2015. It has a residual sugar level of 10.5 g/l and a total acidity of 8.1 g/l. The production was limited, with only 250 bottles available for the US market. Tasting notes for this wine highlight a perfect balance between pure, fresh fruit and mineral flavors typical of the Schlossberg vineyard. The bouquet is described as juicy and flowery, with notes of yellow blossoms and green apple, culminating in a powerful finish. This description suggests a wine that is both nuanced and robust, offering a unique tasting experience reflective of its distinguished Mosel heritage.