Richard bocking Privat brut sekt riesling 2018


The Weingut Richard Böcking Böcking Privat Riesling Sekt Trocken from Mosel, Germany, is a notable sparkling wine (Sekt) with a medium straw color. It features aromatic notes of lemon-lime, jasmine, and green apple on the nose, with flavors of Meyer lemon, apricot, and beeswax on the palate. This off-dry (trocken) wine is described as smooth and silky in the mouth, with tiny, languishing bubbles. It exhibits the expected Riesling acidity, which is well-balanced with the wine's slight sweetness, making it an easy-drinking and versatile wine that pairs well with a variety of foods. The Böcking family has a long history of cultivating vineyards near the village of Tarbach, with this legacy dating back almost four centuries. These vineyards include top-class parcels with non-grafted vines, many of which are 40 to 80 years old. Since 2011, these vineyards have undergone renewal based on biodynamic cultivation principles, marking a transition to a new generation of the Böcking family. The vineyard parcels, including Ungsberg and Schlossberg, are recognized in the oldest known official land maps from the late 19th Century. This sparkling wine is considered a great choice for a broad spectrum of wine enthusiasts. Its balance of slight sweetness and acidity makes it ideal for pairing with appetizers, snacks, a charcuterie board, poultry, lean fish, and various types of cheese. It also serves well as an aperitif.