Richard bocking Pinot blanc mosel 2022


The Richard Böcking Pinot Blanc from the Mosel region is a wine that reflects the unique terroir of its origin. The winemaker notes highlight the extremely steep, slate-laced hillsides in the central region of the Mosel River, which are ideal for producing high-quality wines. This devotion to quality has been a tradition of the Böcking family since 1624, primarily focusing on crisp, fruity wines that appeal to Riesling enthusiasts. The wine itself is described as clear and brilliant, showcasing an excellent balance of acidity and fruit that opens quickly on the palate. It offers flavors of citrus and white flower, embodying the mineral-rich soil of the Mosel region. This balance and the wine's roundness in the mouth attest to its quality and the careful winemaking process it undergoes. Regarding vinification, the wine was harvested in October 2014 and underwent fermentation in 100% stainless-steel vats. It was bottled in mid-May 2018. The production was limited to 4,000 bottles available for the US market. The wine has a residual sugar level of 6.6 g/l and a total acidity of 6.3 g/l, contributing to its distinctive taste profile. This description of the Richard Böcking Pinot Blanc highlights its quality and character, making it a notable choice for those appreciating the finesse of Mosel wines.