Pierre prieur Sancerre blanc 2022


The Pierre Prieur Sancerre Blanc is a highly regarded white wine from the Loire Valley, France. This wine is particularly notable for its Sauvignon Blanc variety and is characterized by its citrus notes, including hints of citrus, grapefruit, and lemon. The production process of this wine involves slow fermentation at low temperatures, ranging between 16 and 20°C (61 and 68°F), in thermo-regulated tanks. This method is chosen to preserve the natural aromas of the Sauvignon Blanc to the fullest. Furthermore, the wines are matured on the lees, and no malolactic fermentation is performed. t’s a testament to the wine's reputation and the expertise of the Pierre Prieur et Fils winery in producing high-quality Sancerre wines. The Sancerre region in the Upper Loire is known for producing exceptional Sauvignon Blanc wines, and the Pierre Prieur Sancerre Blanc stands as a fine example of this tradition.