Petit balthazar Minervois bio organic white 2021


The Petit Balthazar Minervois Bio Organic White is a delightful blend from the Languedoc-Roussillon region in France, specifically from the Minervois area. This white wine combines Marsanne, Grenache Blanc, and Vermentino grapes to create a unique and appealing flavor profile. The blend consists of approximately 35% Rolle or Vermentino, 35% Grenache Blanc, and 30% Marsanne. In appearance, the wine is pale yellow with green and silver tints, suggesting a fresh and vibrant character. The nose is gentle and smoky, with noticeable notes of citrus, pears, white flowers, and white peaches, offering a complex and inviting aroma. On the palate, this wine strikes a balance between freshness and acidity, coupled with a substantive body and volume. It concludes with a fruity and savory finish, leaving a lasting impression. Overall, the Le Bio Balthazar Minervois Blanc is well-balanced, smooth, and smoky, characterized by its fresh and aromatic qualities. This makes it a versatile wine suitable for various occasions and pairings.