Nostos Assyrtico 2022


The Nostos Assyrtiko 2022 is a dry white wine from Crete, Greece. It is renowned for its bright, moderate lemon-green color and dense, slow-falling legs. The nose of this wine is moderately to highly intense, featuring ripe, fleshy white fruit, minerals, and citrus. In the mouth, it presents a dense, full-bodied, and complex profile with an intense flavor of citrus, minerals, and sea shells. The finish is long and marked by the wine's mineral characteristics. This Assyrtiko is particularly noted for its expressive aromas of citrus, peach, pear, chamomile, and stone, as well as its rich, fleshy palate with high acidity and intense citrus flavors that give way to mineral elements, leaving a long aftertaste. It has been mentioned for its citrus notes, including citrus, lemon, and lime. The wine pairs well with seafood on the grill and steamed mussels