Nemea winery Signature nemea 2019


The Nemea Winery Signature Nemea 2019, a Protected Designation of Origin wine, is crafted with the Agiorgitiko grape variety, originating from the heart of the Nemea valley. This red wine boasts a deep ruby color, indicative of its intensity and complexity. Its aromatic profile is dominated by gooseberry, cherry, sour cherry, and vanilla, contributing to a rich and intricate bouquet. Characterized by its deep red hue, the wine's strong aromatic profile typically features red fruits such as ripe strawberries, black currants, and caramel. With aging, it develops aromas of jam or dried fruits like fig, plum, and raisin. The tannins in this wine are soft and evolve over time, contributing to its unique tasting experience and long-lasting aftertaste