Nemea winery Signature mantinia 2021


The Nemea Winery Signature Mantinia 2021 is a white wine with a Protected Designation of Origin from Mantinia. It is made from the Moschofilero grape variety, which is known for its fragrant nature, the most aromatic among the members of the Filleri family. The grapes for this wine typically have reddish or greyish berries and are primarily used to produce dry still white wines and a small amount of sparkling wines. The wine is characterized by a bright yellow color with silver highlights and a light yellow-green hue. Its strong aromatic profile is distinguished by notes of rose petals and lemon blossoms. The Signature Mantinia from Nemea Winery is ideally served at temperatures between 8-10 °C and pairs well with light dishes that are rich in herbal aromas, as well as with shells, grilled fish, vegetables, risotto, and white meats