Nama Byzantino sweet red 20NV


The Nama Byzantino Sweet Red 20NV is a sweet red wine made from Muscat Tyrnavos grapes. It is primarily known for being used exclusively for communion by the Greek Orthodox clergy. This wine is characterized by its light garnet color and light body, without any oak aging. It has a unique flavor profile that combines floral and fruity elements, including a fragrance of orange blossom, peach, and apricot. Nama Byzantino is made from Black Muscat grapes and is considered a dessert wine originating from Continental Greece. The wine has an alcohol content of around 10% to 10.8% by volume, with a sugar content of 310 grams per liter, total acidity of 3.65 grams per liter, and a pH of 3.55. It is recommended to be served slightly chilled and can be enjoyed with fruit, sweets, or on its own due to its characteristic sweetness and fruity flavor