N lazaridi Merlot f-ey 2018


The Nico Lazaridi Merlot F-EY is a dry red wine from the Drama region in Macedonia, Greece. It is a blend of 85% Merlot and 15% Grenache Rouge, presenting a bright ruby color with purple highlights. This wine features an intricate nose with intense aromas of fresh red berries, cherry, raspberry, pomegranate, accompanied by fig and gooseberry. The wine is noted for its freshness, vividness, and the presence of juicy, delicious fruit along with some sweet spicy notes. It offers a balanced mouthfeel with soft tannins and a pleasant aftertaste. The vineyards for this wine are situated in Northern Greece, in the local community of Agora, in the valley and low hills southeast of the town of Drama. These vines are grown in linear vineyards planted in soils of average composition, oriented from north to south. The wine undergoes classic red wine vinification, with pre-fermentation extraction (skin contact method) applied to achieve fragrance complexity. It contains 13.23% alcohol by volume, with total acidity of 4.65 g/l, residual sugar of 2.78 g/l, and a pH of 3.7. Nico Lazaridi Merlot F-EY can be enjoyed young or aged for up to 5-6 years after harvest. It pairs excellently with rich cooked dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, grilled vegetables, braised meat stew with light sauces, medium strong cheeses, and fruits