N lazaridi Lion d'or chardonnay 2021


The Nico Lazaridi Lion d'Or Chardonnay 2021 is a dry white wine with a Protected Geographical Indication from Pangeon, Greece. It is a single-variety wine made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes, known for its "lively" appearance and produced at the Mackedon Winery in Platanotopos, Kavala. The vinification technique includes pre-fermentation extraction (skin contact) for 10-18 hours, followed by classic white wine fermentation at controlled temperatures of 12-16°C. This wine features a pale yellow color and exhibits intense and fresh fruity aromas reminiscent of banana, green apple, and pear. It has a charming balanced body, combined with pleasant acidity and a fruity aftertaste. The wine contains 12.7% alcohol, 5.33 g/l total acidity, and 1.8 g/l residual sugar. It is recommended to be consumed within 2-3 years of harvest and is best served at temperatures between 8-10°C. This Chardonnay pairs well with colorful salads, seafood, risotto, and traditional Greek pies