N lazaridi Black sheep rose 2021


N. Lazaridi Black Sheep Rosé 2021 is a distinctive and elegant wine inspired by the rosé wines of Provence. This contemporary Greek rosé, with its modern appearance and screw cap, is made from Shiraz/Syrah grapes harvested in Pangeon, Kavala, Macedonia, Greece. It is notable for its pronounced red fruit notes, especially strawberry, and offers a complex palate. Tasting notes include pronounced nectar flower, nectarine, melon, strawberry, and a hint of red pepper. The wine is dry, with crisp acidity and a medium body, featuring floral intensity and light aromas of rose, peach, and cherry, culminating in a medium finish. Best served at 8-10°C, it's perfect for various pairings and occasions. The Black Sheep Rosé carries the Protected Geographical Indication of Macedonia