Monmarthe Secret famille brut 1er cru 20NV


The Monmarthe Secret de Famille Brut 1er Cru Champagne is a sparkling wine that stands among the top 5% of all wines globally. Crafted in Champagne, France, it is composed of a blend of Chardonnay (20%), Pinot Noir (40%), and Pinot Meunier (40%). This blend is a hallmark of the Champagne Monmarthe and is recognized for its balance and complexity. The wine has undergone an ageing process of 2 years in cellars, which allows it to express its power and depth.In terms of its appearance, it presents a shiny gold color with rising thin bubbles, indicative of its quality and the meticulous production process. The nose of the champagne is noted for its tree fruit notes, particularly apple, pear, and green apple, contributing to its fresh and fruity aroma. Despite its simplicity, the Monmarthe Secret de Famille Brut Champagne is characterized by its lively and brut nature. It has a notable dosage that adds to its taste profile without overpowering its inherent qualities. The champagne is well-structured, offering good length and depth in flavor, making it enjoyable to drink in the short term.