Matamis Charilys spumante brut 20NV


The Matamis Charilys Spumante Brut 20NV is a sparkling brut white wine from the Epanomi region of Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece. It is a blend of Assyrtiko and Malagousia grapes, which impart distinct characteristics to the wine. The wine showcases a pale yellow color in the glass with green highlights, symbolizing its freshness and vitality. It features elegant, thin, symmetrically distributed, and durable bubbles. On the nose, the wine exudes aromas of flowers and citrus, followed by notes of acacia and bread, creating a rich and aromatic profile. The mouthfeel is rich and aromatic, with refreshing acidity leading to a fruity long aftertaste. The wine has an alcohol content of 11.5%, residual sugar of 8g/L, acidity of 7.5g/L, and a pH of 3.2, with a pressure of 5.8 bar