Marchesseau Bourgueil funambule 2019


The Marchesseau Bourgueil Funambule is a red wine from the Loire Valley in France, specifically from the Bourgueil appellation. This wine is produced by Bertrand & Vincent Marchesseau and is a still, dry wine made entirely from Cabernet Franc grapes. The 2019 vintage of this wine is noted for its medium body and alcohol content of 13.00%. Brothers Bertrand and Vincent Marchesseau adopt a rigorous approach to vineyard management and minimal intervention in their winemaking process. Their focus on reflecting the terroir in their wines is evident, and all their wines are certified organic. This approach ensures that the wine is not only of high quality but also environmentally conscious. The Funambule, translating to "tightrope walker," is an organic Cabernet Franc produced from a mix of clay and gravelly sands located between the slopes and the Loire River. This location contributes to the distinct character of the wine. The winemaking process involves a stainless ferment, followed by aging 10% of the wine in oak for three months prior to bottling, adding complexity and depth to the wine's profile. Overall, the Marchesseau Bourgueil Funambule represents a harmonious blend of traditional winemaking practices and a commitment to showcasing the unique qualities of the Bourgueil terroir.