Los noques Cabernet sauvignon 2020


The history of Los Noques Winery is a blend of tradition, innovation, and a series of dreams realized. The winery's name, "Los Noques," pays homage to the small containers used in the early 16th century to transport grapes, wine, olives, and olive oil. These containers, made of leather or wood, symbolize the work and passion that have been a part of winemaking since ancient times, a tradition that Los Noques continues today. The winery's more recent history began with Juan Arrigoni, who planted the first grapes in the 1960s. His efforts over more than five decades laid the foundation for the winery's growth and success. Later, Carlos Leone acquired the winery and initiated the production of high-quality wines. This transition marked a significant step in elevating the winery's reputation and reach, with subsequent generations of their families expanding Los Noques' presence globally. Los Noques Winery, initially established in the 1930s, is noted for its visionary approach to winemaking, particularly its use of small tanks. This approach was quite innovative for its time and contributed to the winery's distinctiveness. The winery is located in the Uco Valley, Argentina, a region renowned for its wine production. It holds the distinction of being the first winery in this region. In 2005, the Arrigoni Family purchased Los Noques Winery, making significant upgrades to its cellars and equipment to meet modern standards. The vineyards are situated in the Valle de Uco, Mendoza, at an altitude of 400 feet above sea level, featuring calcareous soil conducive to grape cultivation. This geographical location, combined with the family's commitment to quality and innovation, has helped the winery produce a range of acclaimed wines, contributing to its esteemed status in the world of wines.