Longavi Reforma rosado 2019


The 2019 Longavi "Reforma" Rosado from the Maule Valley in Chile is a unique and complex rosé wine. It has received high acclaim, earning 93 points from wine critic Tim Atkin. This wine is produced from a small, 0.5-hectare parcel of Garnacha grapes that were grafted onto 1945 País vines in 2014, adding a layer of historical significance to its production. The Reforma Rosado is noted for its complexity, a standout characteristic for a Chilean rosé. It features some intriguing salty notes due to partial aging under flor, which is a winemaking process that involves the development of a yeast film on the surface of the wine during aging. This method contributes significantly to the wine's unique flavor profile. The wine also boasts excellent structure and palate length, with delightful flavors of rosehip and redcurrant. Additionally, this wine is a result of minimal intervention winemaking, exclusively using Garnacha grapes. It undergoes fermentation without the addition of exogenous yeasts in concrete tanks. The aging process is extensive, spanning four years, including one year with a "véu de flor" (flor veil) in used French oak barrels. This meticulous process results in a wine with depth and character.