Lancelot-royer Cuvee des chevaliers gr cru 20NV


The Lancelot-Royer Cuvée des Chevaliers Grand Cru Brut, a non-vintage (NV) Champagne from 2020, has garnered positive reviews and ratings. The Cuvée des Chevaliers is a Blanc de Blancs, meaning it's made exclusively from white grapes, typically Chardonnay. This particular Champagne is crafted from pure grand cru Chardonnay grapes sourced from the chalky, cool soils of Cramant in the Côte de Blancs region. The wine is characterized by its flavors of lemon curd, lightly toasted brioche, and green tea, and is noted for its long, savory, and seductive profile. It's described as a captivating wine that can age as well as the best vintage bottles. The winemaker, Michael Chauvet, typically adds 30% reserve wine to the blend, enhancing its complexity and depth. The wine is aged for five years on fine lees, contributing to its refined and developed character. Overall, the Lancelot-Royer Cuvée des Chevaliers Grand Cru Brut is a highly regarded Champagne, celebrated for its exquisite balance, complexity, and ability to age gracefully.