Lafont Cremant de bourgogne 20NV


The Lafont Crémant de Bourgogne 20NV is a sparkling wine from the Burgundy region in France. Made predominantly from the Chardonnay grape variety, it is part of the esteemed Crémant de Bourgogne appellation, which is known for producing high-quality sparkling wines. This particular wine is noted for its tree fruit notes, especially green apple, adding a fresh and fruity dimension to its flavor profile. The wine is produced by Jean-Marc Lafont, and it falls under the category of a white sparkling wine. The non-vintage (NV) designation indicates that it is a blend of grapes from different years, a common practice in sparkling wine production to achieve consistency in style and flavor. In terms of food pairings, the Lafont Crémant de Bourgogne is versatile and generally pairs well with a range of dishes, including poultry, appetizers, snacks, and lean fish, making it a suitable choice for various culinary occasions. Jean-Marc Lafont Crémant de Bourgogne Blanc de Blancs, is a specific style of Crémant de Bourgogne made entirely from white grapes. Overall, the Lafont Crémant de Bourgogne 20NV is a sparkling wine that represents the quality and tradition of the Burgundy region, characterized by its fresh, fruity notes and versatility in food pairing.