Lafken Riesling organic 2020


The Lafken Riesling Organic 2020 is a notable wine from Chile, showcasing the distinct characteristics of its region. This particular Riesling is a product of the Lafken winery and comes from the Casablanca Valley, a region renowned for producing excellent white wines due to its unique climatic conditions. The 2020 Lafken Riesling is noted for its delicious and delightful character. It's described as fruit-forward with a herbaceous depth, which is typical of the Riesling varietal. This wine, like other Rieslings, is known for its ability to reflect its terroir of origin, and the Leyda Valley's terroir in Chile is particularly conducive to this grape variety, enhancing its flavor profile. Tasting notes for the Lafken Riesling 2020 include a lovely ripe grapefruit and lime nose, with lively citrus and floral flavors. This combination of aromas and flavors makes it a vibrant and refreshing choice, suitable for a variety of occasions and pairings. In summary, the Lafken Riesling Organic 2020 from the Casablanca Valley in Chile is a fine example of the Riesling varietal, known for its fruit-forward and herbaceous profile, with delightful citrus and floral notes. Its reasonable price point and high ratings make it an attractive option for those seeking a quality white wine.