Lafken Cabernet sauvignon 2018


The Lafken Cabernet Sauvignon 2018, hailing from the Maipo Valley in Chile, is a red wine that boasts a complex and appealing profile. The wine's appearance is a striking ruby red, which hints at the depth of flavor waiting to be experienced. On the nose, it offers an inviting blend of plums and ripe blueberries, complemented by graphite notes and herbal hints, creating a rich and multi-layered aromatic experience. The palate of this wine is described as soft, yet it exhibits well-structured tannins, providing a satisfying sense of balance and body. This structure is further enhanced by a subtle influence of fine oak, which contributes to the wine's overall complexity and depth. This Cabernet Sauvignon is noted for its very pure varietal expression, a testament to the quality of grapes sourced from a single vineyard in the Maipo region. The wine is characterized by its powerful presence in the mouth, marked by a harmonious balance between acidity and tannins. Additionally, it has been noted for its earthy qualities, adding another dimension to its rich flavor profile.