Lafazanis Geometria malagouzia 2022


The Lafazanis Geometria Malagouzia 2022 is a light, fresh, and crisp 100% Malagouzia white wine produced in the semi-mountainous vineyards of Corinthia, Peloponnese, at an altitude of 400 – 500 meters, known for its pale straw color with green hues and a balanced taste with a lingering finish. This wine showcases a purity of citrus and tropical fruits, with high acidity providing a tense and vibrant profile, and a modest 12% alcohol content. It is characterized by 85 mentions of citrus notes such as citrus, lemon, and lime, and displays a rich fruit and floral aroma typical of the Malagouzia variety, complemented by a herbaceous nose with hints of wet stone