L epinay Vouvray tete de cuvee 20NV


The L'Epinay Vouvray Tête de Cuvée is a sparkling white wine from the Vouvray Petillant - Mousseux region in Loire, France. This wine is made using the traditional method and is known for its dry (Brut) style. It is predominantly crafted from the Chenin Blanc grape variety, a versatile white-wine grape that has been cultivated in France's Loire Valley for nearly 1300 years, appreciated for its high acidity and ability to produce well-balanced wines. The Tête de Cuvée embodies a tropical and balanced style, characterized by fresh, succulent stone fruit flavors with a citrus backbone. It often includes notes of warm tropical fruit and may have a touch of oak. The aromas of ripe citrus, nectarine, and passionfruit are significant in this style of wine. This particular Vouvray pairs well with lighter meats like chicken and turkey, making it a versatile choice for various culinary pairings. The wine from Domaine du Clos de L'Epinay enjoys a reputation for quality and value, often considered in the less expensive category for Vouvray Petillant - Mousseux wines.