Kourtaki Vin de crete red 2017


The Kourtaki Vin de Crete Red 2017 from Crete, Greece, a blend of Kotsifali and Mandilaria grapes, exhibits a nose with juicy raspberries, currants, tart cranberries, black pepper, and leather notes, alongside a light-bodied palate with well-integrated tannins and a short finish. It's noted for its ripe cherry color, aromas reminiscent of sweet prunes and plump raisins, a medium body due to its freshness, and a palate that releases soft tannins with a strong sense of berries and a pleasantly lingering aftertaste. Additionally, this wine features flavors of soft, juicy berry and spice, balanced with depth, ageable tannins, a spicy finish, and a touch of leathery spice, adding to its character as a medium-bodied red with native character and 32 mentions of red fruit notes, particularly cherry