Kourtaki Mavrodaphne sweet desert 20NV


The Kourtaki Mavrodaphne sweet dessert wine, from the Mavrodaphne of Patras region in Greece, is made from a blend of Mavrodaphne and Black Korinthiaki grapes. This sweet red wine is known for its pronounced nose of dried currants, black cherry, and spice, offering a hint at its intensity. It features a very sharp nose with red currant and cherry notes and a tart finish that prevents it from becoming too cloying. The wine is described as luscious and Port-like, aged in oak, and is one of the few wines that pairs perfectly with chocolate and strong cheeses like Stilton. Additionally, it has a smooth, slightly creamy texture, a light-to-mid weight body with good acids, and a medium-length finish with notes of semi-sweet milk chocolate, with 134 mentions of dried fruit notes such as raisin, fig, and prune