Joseph cattin Riesling 2021


The 2021 Joseph Cattin Riesling is a distinguished white wine from Alsace, France. Wine Enthusiast gave it a high rating of 90, highlighting its lean and angular character both on the nose and palate. The wine's profile is defined by pithy lemon, stony minerality, and a hint of salinity, offering a lively and electric experience. Its acidity is described as flavorful rather than sharp, adding to its unique appeal. This wine is noted for its prominent citrus notes, lemon, and lime flavors, underscoring its refreshing and zesty character. Produced by Maison Joseph Cattin, a family-owned winery with a 300-year history, this Riesling reflects the winery's commitment to showcasing the richness and originality of Alsace's soils and grape varieties. The wine is visually appealing, with a bright and pale yellow appearance, complemented by green reflections. The Riesling grape, known for being light-skinned and aromatic, originates from Germany but has found a significant place in Alsace, contributing to the region's reputation for producing noble and elegant wines.