Joseph cattin Pinot blanc 2022


The 2022 Joseph Cattin Pinot Blanc is a white wine from Alsace, France. It presents a clear, pale lemon yellow color with green hues. The wine is described as fresh and lightly fruity with medium acidity, making it a dry white wine. It pairs exceptionally well with seafood, fish, charcuterie, and white meats, offering a versatile accompaniment to various dishes. The wine is featured in the Top 25 Alsace Pinot Blanc wines in the United States for its vintage year. It has garnered attention for its tree fruit notes, particularly pear, apple, and green apple, which contribute to its aromatic and flavor profile. This highlights its fresh and fruity character. Its easy-to-drink nature is further accentuated by its clean, crispy green apple nose and notes of white flowers, making it an accessible choice for a wide range of palates. The wine finishes with a crisp, long, and refreshing feel, adding to its appeal.