Glup Rosado 2021


The 2021 Glup Rosado, a rosé wine from the Maule Valley in Chile's Central Valley region, showcases a delightful profile with unique characteristics. The grapes are sourced from century-old país vineyards, where Grenache (40%) and Mourvèdre (30%) are grafted onto old país vines, all mixed in the same vineyard. This mix of old and new creates a wine with a rich history and a reflection of the region's diversity. The Glup Rosado undergoes fermentation in 700-liter amphorae on skins, followed by aging for 6 months off the skins in the same amphorae. This process imparts an understated and mineral quality to the wine, with a stony, almost clay-like edge to its bright, linear lemon and pear fruit flavors. The wine also exhibits good acidity, contributing to its very pure fruit expression. In addition, the Glup Rosado is notable for its fresh and aromatic profile, with fresh fruit and violets on the nose and a great texture on the palate that represents the vineyard's character. It is made from vines more than 100 years old, contributing to its depth and complexity. Fermented in stainless steel and aged for 8 months in used French oak, the wine is beautifully fresh, fine, and elegant, with flavors of cherries, cranberries, and ripe citrus, all grown on decomposed granitic soils. These elements together create a wine that is both refreshing and representative of its terroir in Maule Valley.