Gavala Santorini dry white (blue) 2022

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The Gavalas Santorini dry white 2022, made exclusively from the Assyrtiko grape variety, hails from the region of Santorini, Greece. This wine is celebrated for its volcanic, fresh, and bone-dry character. It displays delicate aromas of pear, lemon, and pineapple on the nose, and on the palate, it is elegant, smooth, and complex, offering a full-bodied experience with bright fruit flavors. The wine is noted for its 440 mentions of citrus notes, including citrus, lemon, and grapefruit, which contribute to its lively profile. It is produced through a process where the free run juice ferments in stainless steel tanks under controlled temperature and matures with fine lees for at least 6 months. This results in aromas of citrus, lemon, pear, and peach that accompany the typical saltiness and minerality of Assyrtiko, giving it a full body with high acidity and a long aftertaste. Its pale lemon color and typical Santorini nose with notes of tea, white-fleshed fruits, minerality, and lemon hints further define its unique character, leading to an elegant mouthfeel with volume, sharpness from the strong acidity, and a delicate, long, and fruity finish