F. blanchet Pouilly-fume vielles vignes 2022


The 2022 F. Blanchet Pouilly-Fumé Vieilles Vignes is a white wine from the Upper Loire region in the Loire Valley, France. Made exclusively from Sauvignon Blanc, this wine is known for its citrus notes, with particular emphasis on citrus, lemon, and grapefruit flavors. These characteristics are representative of the varietal's profile, offering a refreshing and bright tasting experience. The wine showcases a brilliant bouquet of lemon zest, nectarine, jasmine tea, and quince, indicative of its pure and vibrant character. A notable aspect of this wine is the influence of the terroir, specifically the high percentage of silex (silice) in the soil. This composition imparts a distinct flinty note to the wine, adding complexity and a unique mineral quality that enhances its overall profile. The Blanchet family, now in its 8th generation of winegrowers, manages the vineyards in Pouilly-Fumé. The St. Andelain area within this appellation is distinguished for having a significant percentage of silex soil, which is integral to producing Pouilly-Fumé wines characterized by tension, verve, and bright minerality. This terroir-driven approach is crucial in defining the distinctive qualities of the F. Blanchet Pouilly-Fumé Vieilles Vignes, making it a notable example of the region's winemaking tradition.