Dragon Rose grande cuvee 2022


The Domaine du Dragon 2022 Grande Cuvée Rosé from the Côtes de Provence region in France is a well-regarded wine. This rosé is characterized by its delicate pink color and a medium body, offering a balanced blend of southern red grapes. It is particularly noted for its compatibility with spicy foods and rich barbecue dishes. Crafted through the rosé de pressurage method, where red grapes are pressed to extract a delicate blush color from the skins, the wine exudes aromas of wild garrigue and summer berries. Its palate features notes of strawberries and light pepper, complemented by flavors of red plums, lemon zest, and raspberries, adding to its textured and fruity profile. The vineyards of Domaine du Dragon are situated in the high-altitude hills above the Côte d’Azur in Provence, an area rich in limestone similar to Burgundy. This terroir contributes significantly to the wine's distinct character.