Domaine dubois Aligote white 2022


The 2022 Domaine Dubois Bernard et Fils Bourgogne Aligote is a still white wine from the Bourgogne Aligoté appellation in the Burgundy wine region of France. Made exclusively from the Aligoté grape variety, this wine represents a unique aspect of Burgundian viticulture. Aligoté, a grape that has been part of the Burgundian landscape for over 200 years, often finds its place in less-rated sites, including plateaus and higher altitude areas. The wine is characterized by a green and flinty style, often associated with cooler climates, coastal sites, higher latitudes, and/or vineyards at altitude. It's unlikely that new oak is used in the making of such wines, which are known for their high acidity. This stylistic choice leads to a wine that is crisp and refreshing, typically displaying the high-acid nature of the Aligoté grape. Bourgogne Aligoté wines pair well with meaty and oily fish, offering versatility in culinary pairings. The freshness and acidity of the wine complement the rich textures of these types of fish dishes. The 2022 Domaine Dubois Bernard et Fils Bourgogne Aligote, with its distinctive style and grape variety, is a testament to the diversity and richness of the Burgundy wine region.