Dom. l'idylle Roussette savoie white 2022


The Dom. L'Idylle Roussette Savoie White 2022 is a notable white wine from the Savoie region in France. Made primarily from the Altesse grape variety, this wine is renowned for its complexity and aromatic qualities. It features a powerful and fine nose with floral notes, sweet spices, and a hint of ginger. The palate continues this complexity with flavors of honey, apricot, acacia, and quince, providing a rich and nuanced tasting experience. This wine is described as having a great racy character, with a round body and a beautiful light yellow color, slightly golden. Its aromatic profile is both pleasant and ample. The winemakers note that aging on lees contributes significantly to the wine's nobility and power, enhancing its overall character. Moreover, the wine is known for its tree fruit notes with such flavors, adding to its appeal and versatility in pairing with various dishes. This combination of complex aromas, rich flavors, and a refined character makes the Dom. L'Idylle Roussette Savoie White 2022 a distinguished choice for wine enthusiasts.