Daniel barraud Pouilly-fuisse en france 2020


The 2020 Daniel & Julien Barraud Pouilly-Fuissé En France is a Chardonnay that has garnered attention for its quality. This wine is grown in a parcel on the border of Château de France, characterized by limestone soils covered by a layer of variegated clay. These conditions contribute to the wine's distinct profile, which includes powerful fresh fruit aromas and a saline finish, suggesting a well-balanced mix of fruitiness and minerality. Renowned wine critic Robert Parker's Wine Advocate highlights the wine's complexity and richness. It describes the 2020 Pouilly-Fuissé En France as medium to full-bodied, fleshy, and textural. The wine presents a satiny attack and a rich, layered mid-palate framed by toasty new oak, which adds depth to its flavor profile. The aromas include crisp stone fruit, orange oil, vanilla pod, nutmeg, and beeswax, indicating a sophisticated and well-rounded bouquet. The wine is recommended to be best enjoyed after 2030, indicating its potential for aging and development of further complexity over time. Additionally, Daniel Barraud is recognized as one of the finest growers in the Mâconnais region, with some even arguing that he is at the very top of the list due to his remarkable consistency. This accolade underlines the high quality and consistency of the wines produced at his estate, which include the Pouilly-Fuissé En France. In summary, the 2020 Daniel & Julien Barraud Pouilly-Fuissé En France is a highly regarded Chardonnay known for its rich and complex flavor profile, with a recommendation for aging to enhance its qualities. The wine's character reflects the unique terroir of its origin and the expertise of its winemaker.