Clos st. louis Fixin entre deux velles 2020


The Clos St. Louis Fixin 'Entre Deux Velles' 2020 is a distinguished red wine from the Côte de Nuits region in Bourgogne, France. This wine, made exclusively from the Pinot Noir grape, is known for its unique flavor profile and aromatic qualities. The wine exhibits a dark ruby color, which is indicative of its depth and richness. On the nose, it presents savory spice and dark fruit aromas, suggesting a complex and inviting bouquet. The palate is described as quite full, with flavors of dark fruit and earthy tones. This combination of savory spices, dark fruit, and earthiness makes for a rich and engaging tasting experience. Additionally, the wine is noted for its oaky notes and oak flavors. The presence of these oaky notes contributes to the wine's complexity and adds layers to its flavor profile, enhancing its overall appeal. Overall, the Clos St. Louis Fixin 'Entre Deux Velles' 2020 stands out as a wine with a rich and complex flavor profile, marked by its dark fruit aromas, earthy tones, and notable oaky notes, all underpinned by the characteristic qualities of the Pinot Noir grape.