Chidaine Clos baudoin 2018


The 2018 François Chidaine Vouvray Clos Baudoin is a Chenin Blanc from the Vouvray region in the Loire Valley of France. This wine has received favorable reviews and ratings across various platforms. This wine has an elegant, fine, and racy nose, with a beautiful grain. It exhibits notes of lychee, quenette, and small notes of exotic fruits, along with touches of crunchy vine peach and a hint of small yellow fruits. This description highlights the wine's complexity and racy minerality. Lovely persimmon, orange zest, fig, and spice flavors, suggesting a rich and diverse flavor profile. It is considered relatively full-bodied and is backed by mineral and coriander notes.I ts velvety mouthfeel, length, precision, and a subtle crunch, indicating a well-structured and balanced wine. Additionally, it is suggested that with a few more years, the wine will show even greater qualities. Chenin Blanc, the grape variety used in this wine, is known for its versatility and has a long history of cultivation in France. This heritage is reflected in the wine's character and depth. In summary, the 2018 François Chidaine Vouvray Clos Baudoin is a highly regarded Chenin Blanc, known for its elegant and complex aromatic profile, rich and diverse flavors, and well-balanced structure. It has garnered high scores from critics and is appreciated for its potential to further develop and improve with additional aging.