Cherrier Sancerre chailloux white 2022


The Cherrier Sancerre Chailloux White 2022 is a notable white wine originating from the Upper Loire region in the Loire Valley, France. Primarily made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes, this wine is appreciated for its distinct characteristics. One of the unique features of this wine comes from the Les Chailloux vineyard, located in the northwest of Sancerre, known for its Silex (flint) soil. This particular soil composition contributes to the wine's mineral and smoky scent, setting it apart from others in the region. The 2022 vintage of Cherrier Sancerre Chailloux is described as having a creamy texture yet retains a freshness typical of the warmer vintage it was produced in. Additionally, it has a notable touch of salinity, a characteristic often appreciated by wine enthusiasts. Overall, the Cherrier Sancerre Chailloux White 2022 stands out for its unique flavor profile influenced by the Silex soil of its vineyard, its creamy yet fresh texture, and its affordability, making it a well-regarded choice among white wines from the Loire Valley.